Little People Big World

Most people will only see a baby pear in this picture. Small, cute, and novel. But then there are some who will see more. They will see the tiny hands wrapped around the baby pear, fitting so perfectly in those two little palms as though it were made for it. It is so fascinating to watch kids squeal with delight when they see something miniature or “kid size” - mini pancakes, mini tortillas, mini pizzas, mini cupcakes (ok maybe not the cupcakes). However, this excitement is beyond aesthetics, it’s attributed to their perspective. 
As parents, the most vital component of parenting we tend to lose sight of in our hustle and bustle of everyday life is perspective. We belittle and liken kids to little dolls and action figures to pose and dress as we please; to do the things we want them to do the way we do them; when essentially, children are tiny human beings with desires, dignity, and emotions (a lot of it) growing up in a world that is geared for “big people.” They are just like us in smaller bodies. 
Ever notice how ants frantically scatter when you step near them? Imagine yourself in a child’s body where everything is double your size and way above your eye level. It’s terrifying. Children by nature good, pure and innocent. The tantrums, anger and frustrations only originate from this feeling of helplessness and inability to assimilate into the standards we have set for them. 
Change those standards. Adjust your atmosphere to empower them. Get on your knees, at their level, when you speak to them. (No one likes being spoken down to.) And make more mini pancakes. ☺️
Help your child feel confident in this giant world as though it were made just for them just like the baby pear wrapped within those tiny fingers. 

Kazima Wajahat