Hardcover storybook with Dust Jacket

Hardcover storybook with Dust Jacket

Mikaeel and Malaika

The Quest for Love

Mikaeel and Malaika were brother and sister but they both had one thing in common.

They were superheroes.

Embark on an enchanting journey with the always-pondering Malaika and the adventurous Mikaeel on their ongoing quest of becoming the best superheroes.

Their first mission entails seeking the One who loves them most-

The Quest for Love.

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A Story of Two

Muslim Superheroes

*Instills Islamic values

*High quality and aesthetically pleasing illustrations

*Promotes early language development

*Great for ages 2-10


"And just like that, Kazima masterfully embeds large concepts in a way that makes sense, through vivid storytelling and mesmerizing visuals”

-Zainab Merchant,

Zainab Rights